Bikepacking/WarmShowering Maui in 4 days

In March of 2019, I was fortunate enough to be able to do a 4 day bikepacking ride around the island of Maui.  I had be dreaming about doing this ride for over 10 years but work/life/family was always the priority.  Now, that my kids area little older (and, also that I’m married to the greatest wife ever), I finally got my chance.

I tried using a UHaul Flat Screen box as a bike box. It seemed like a really good idea because it’s collapsable and easy to transport.  In reality, I’ll never do this again. The box does not have enough support in the middle which then puts stress all over the box. Also, I totally forgot that TSA needs to inspect the contents so they need to open it and re-tape.  Honestly, I’m surprised it made it out there.

After leaving my WarmShowers host, I climbed for about an hour and had my first stop at Harold Rice Park.  This is where I made packing adjustments and had a chance to call my wife before heading into no-cell-phone land.

Harold Rice Park, Maui

One worry I had was are there enough places to stock up on supplies?  Ching’s store was really the first place to grab something after the climb so I decided to get myself a Snickers and a Coke. (This sugary theme will continue through out the ride….it was awesome!)

Setting up camp went smoothly.  I was the last one to set up which provided me the crappiest spot on the camp grounds.  I was so tired, I really didn’t care that I was camped right next to the bathrooms where people constantly walked by and triggered the auto-light that was shining right at my tent.